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What is Shopkick?! It's a FREE app that let's you check in to stores and earn points called "kicks". Yup, that simple! Enter the store, open your app at the entrance and it will pick it up automatically and have earned yourself your first set of kicks. Different stores will award different amounts for checking in, scanning certain items (no purchase necessary)!

I like this app because it's easy to use and the only thing I have to remember is when I'm walking in, to check in. Some days when I am at a checkout lane waiting, I will pick up a magazine listed and scan the barcode so I can earn extra kicks.

Simply by doing this, I have earned over 72 gift cards to date. I've been kicking since 2016 😉 and I've used my Gift Cards at Target, Walmart, Gamestop when my son purchases games and also at Foot Locker when he buys his shoes! Hello savings!!! It's nice when you're able to take an instant $25 off your purchase by simply doing what you're already doing...entering the store!

Use code ➡️ SALE361810 ⬅️ when downloading your Shopkick app and be on your way to earning your first Gift Card! Cha-ching!

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